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Ahmad AwaisAhmad Awais
This is an archived version of the ‘About‘ page from 2012.



Last updated in 2013.


Well, I am an entrepreneur who left an orthodox Electrical Engineering career β€” after graduation β€” to become a Full Stack Web developer & an accidental writer.


Design Community Distinctions#

  1. SmashingMagazine: Nothing’s Like A Mango In Summer (My wallpaper design) got published at SmashingMagazine.
  2. HongKiat: In 2012 one of my designs i.e. Freakify.com/404 got featured in “The Basics Of Emotional Design”.
  3. The Chris Coyer hearted my pen and added it to his Terrific Tables collection.
  4. ParticlesJs based Hero Unit got published at several design blogs.
  5. Speckyboy Design Magazine: Got Front-end Login in WordPress featured in the Weekly news for designers N.267.
  6. InspiredMag: My article Front-end Login in WordPress got featured in This week in web design – UX design, user psychology and much more.
  7. CodePen: Love CodePen.io which is where I experiment with frontend stuff.
  8. WebDesignerNews: One of my article What Every Beginner Is Doing Wrong as a Web Developer was featured at WebDesginerNews which later went viral in the design community.

I love The WordPress Community#

    1. My Commitment to WordPress and Epic Moments of 2015
    2. 2016 Year in Review: WordPress, Business, & the Big NEWS!
    3. I told my story β†’ This Part of My Life Is Called … WordPress
    4. WordPress Core Contributor: I am a regular WP core contributing dev for about last ten major WordPress versions, you can read about my contributions in WordPress 4.4 Clifford, WordPress 4.5 Coleman, WordPress 4.6 Pepper, WordPress 4.7 β€” The Spirit of Regular Core Contribution, WordPress 4.8, WordPress 4.9, etc.
    5. Contributions: I have also contributed to Twenty Sixteen theme, WP REST API, Chasis, WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, and several other WP products.
    6. WPMetaList designed & developed WPMetaList read about it here.
    7. Core Author at Envato Tuts+ (since 2011). I have written more than 150 in-depth both beginner friendly and advanced WordPress tutorials at Tuts+.
    8. WordPress.org: My 8 plugins on WordPress.org have a total of 503,337 downloads.
    9. WPGulp: More than 1676 developers are using my advanced WordPress Gulp workflow.
    10. _child: built a lean and mean WordPress Child Theme Boilerplate.
    11. WordPress Customizer Package for Sublime Text: Built a Sublime Text snippets/completion package for WordPress Customizer. First of its kind. Featured on the homepage of PackageControl as the 8th most trending package within first three days of launch. Sarah featured the package at WPTavern: Ahmad Awais Releases WordPress Customizer Package for Sublime Text. Stats: Package Control.
    12. ManageWP.com; Plugin of the Month: WPMashSocial got featured at #3 in Top 10 Plugins of the Month.
    13. Contributions at TorqueMage by WPEngine, WPLift (2 posts)| WPBeginner (1 post)| TemplateMonster (1 post).
    14. FinkTanks: I teach WordPress Beginners to Advance Course (500+ Students & 10+ Workshops).
    15. WP-Pakistan.com: Built WPΒ­Pakistan non-profit community initiative. Five meetups, 50+ workshops, and a WordPress Week with 700+ participants. Conducted Global WordPress Translation and Contributors days.
    16. WordPress Week Lahore: Under the head of WP-Pakistan initiative ran an entire week about WordPress in one of the known universities University of Engineering & Technology Lahore, Pakistan from April 28th, 2014 to May 3rd, 2014. Read about it here.
    17. WordPress Business Group Started a business focused WordPress group at Facebook, and it got featured at WPTavern.
    18. Plugin CF7 Customizer to solve a problem and got featured in some places like ProductHunt, TF Showcase, t3n, etc.
    19. Theme ProductPress an EDD WordPress Theme, which ranks in top 10 eCommerce theme at CreativeMarket (Made it to #2 once).


I help businesses understand developers πŸ“Ÿ Just launched Node.js CLI Automation Course πŸ‘¨β€πŸ« Edutainer at VSCode.pro 🎩 An award-winning GitHub Star open-source engineer & advocate 🦊 Google Developers Expert Web DevRel 🌳 Node.js foundation Community Committee Outreach Lead ✌️ Author of various open-source dev-tools and software libraries used by millions of developers worldwide ⓦ WordPress Core Developer πŸ“£ TEDx Speaker πŸ™Œ Leading developers and publishing technical content for over a decade πŸ’œ Loves his wife (Maedah) ❯ Learn more β†’

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