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Vercel is the new ZEIT

ZEIT just announced that they have raised a $21M funding and have rebranded the platform as Vercel. This is amazing news. I believe in the mission of making it easier to build, deploy, and ship web apps. Read why I'm so excited about Vercel and Next.js

Ahmad AwaisAhmad Awais

What to Expect from the JAMstack in 2020

I was recently interviewed by Brian Rinaldi about JAMstack’s future in 2020. It was originally posted on StackBit’s blog β†’ Ahmad Awais shares what changes we saw in the JAMstack ecosystem in 2019 and what he expects for 2020. What to Expect from the JAMstack in 2020 – Ahmad Awais 2019 definitely seemed to be a pivotal year [...]

Ahmad AwaisAhmad Awais