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Teaching is a genetic bug in me. I can’t help it. I love to share what I know. It also helps that I come from a family of teachers, both my grandparents and even my parents are teachers. You’ll probably enjoy my teaching style.


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NodeCLI.com — Build Automation CLI DevTools#

📺 100 videos ⏰ 10 hours 👨‍💻 2,836+ Developers already learning


WHAT: Learn to build Node.js automation DevTools like CLI Apps i.e. Command Line Interface apps. Probably the most extensive automation course ever. Start automating your life right now.

WHY: A couple of reasons why this course is for you:


VSCode.pro — VSCode Power User Tips & Tricks#

📺 65 videos ⏰ 5 hours 👨‍💻16,076+ Developers already learning


WHAT: About 20 million developers use VSCode. Most popular editor ever. As a developer, we spend more than five hours daily inside the editor writing code. It’s only fair that we learn it well. Takeaway my workflows, with 200+ VSCode Power User tips and tricks. Everything from JavaScript, PHP, Markdown, to debugging recipes, custom keybindings, and even creating your own multi-action macros.

WHY: A couple of reasons why this course is for you:

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I help businesses understand developers 📟 Just launched Node.js CLI Automation Course 👨‍🏫 Edutainer at VSCode.pro 🎩 An award-winning GitHub Star open-source engineer & advocate 🦊 Google Developers Expert Web DevRel 🌳 Node.js foundation Community Committee Outreach Lead ✌️ Author of various open-source dev-tools and software libraries used by millions of developers worldwide ⓦ WordPress Core Developer 📣 TEDx Speaker 🙌 Leading developers and publishing technical content for over a decade 💜 Loves his wife (Maedah) ❯ Learn more →

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