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Ahmad Awais

Ridiculously hard-working Full Stack Web Developer ❯ Regular WordPress Core Contributor ❯ TEDx Speaker ❯ Spends 50% of his time building FOSS (Free & Open Source Software) ❯ WordPress Advocate & Community Evangelist ❯ DevOps fanboy ❯ Cracks silly jokes ❯ Loves his wife (Maedah)!

Ahmad Awais

Ahmad AwaisAhmad Awais

Award-winning open-source developer. Ridiculously hard-working Developer Advocate who cares deeply about DX (Developer Experience) and has built hundreds of DevTools. Leading developers and publishing technical content for over a decade. Cracking silly jokes in the DevOps, JavaScript, and web (Cloud/WordPress) communities.

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Evangelizing open source and coding best practices for over ten years, by building a community and being directly involved with the core WordPress software to improve dev-workflows with an impact on over 30% of the internet sites. A developer advocate who loves purple (it can be genius).

I like computers, problems and using the former to solve the latter. I believe in elegance over adequacy, thoughtfulness over impulse, and in the wonder of the world as we can see it. I have had been designing web pages since the early days of tables & spacers. And no – I’ve never used the scrolling marquee with Comic Sans fonts. 🤣

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It looks like you’re interested in getting to know me better. Well, I’m happy to oblige. You see, for the last couple of years, I publish these detailed and extensive ‘Year-in-Review’ posts to keep track of my progress, changes, achievements, and more. Mostly to help fight that silly imposter syndrome — but hey it makes for a good read.

My Years in Review#

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👨‍🏫 Edutainer & teacher at VSCode.pro 🎩 Full-time #OpenSourcerer 🦊 Google Developers Expert for Web 🥑 OSS Developer Advocate 🌳 Node.js Foundation Community Committee Member 🔥 Ridiculously hard-working Full Stack Web Developer 😂 Hilarious comedian ⓦ Regular WordPress Core Developer 📣 TEDx Speaker ✌️ Spends 50-80% of his time building professional FOSS (Free & Open Source Software) used by over 1,399,687 Developers 🙌 Cloud Community Evangelist 🎯 JavaScript & DevOps fanboy 💜 Loves his wife (Maedah) 🍕 Learn more about Ahmad ↣

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