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Introducing _Child – A WordPress Child Theme Boilerplate

Ahmad AwaisAhmad Awais

“I found out there was no child theme included. Dang! Now I have to create one!”

β€” #my_reaction_when

This is how we all sound when we have to create a child theme. There is really no rocket science to the process of creating child themes, but as a front-end fanatic, I always look for the best practices.

Today when I had to create a child theme, I thought of creating a boilerplate first, by DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) philosophy. So, there you go, a WordPress child theme boilerplate was born, and the only parent (me) chose to call it _child.


How to Stuff?#

There are only two files in _child. Which are


Inside _child’s style.css, there is nothing but a comment for WP to read it as a theme. At line #7Β there is a template tag, which you need to replace with the folder’s name of your parent theme.


This file is a bit interesting. There’s a function called aa_enqueue_styles() which is responsible for enqueuing two style sheets.

If you have any questions, let me know.

_Child WP Child Theme Boilerplate#

It lives at GitHubΒ under a tree called GPL license.Β Start it, fork it. Pull requests are welcomed!

Download v1.0.0 β€” Star or Fork

P.S. _child is an open-source theme, which means anyone can send pull requests to enhance it and make it better. My friend Matt CromwellΒ recently contributed to _child in the form of a branch called cleanup, _child in this branch dequeues and deregisters parent theme’s sidebars, widgets, post_types, and scripts (JS & CSS). Thus the name is cleanup.

P.P.S. AΒ few beginner developers requested this gif on how to clone the _child boilerplate.



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