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⚛️ On Joining Gatsby.js Open Source Org & Contributing FOSS

Ahmad AwaisAhmad Awais
🙌 Howdy! This piece is a part of my 2018 Year in Review (read the context)

In 2018 I started getting serious about Gatsby.js. It’s one of the most awesome JAMstacks. I support the Gatsby.js team and their goals in making web performant while greatly improving the developer experience.

So, yes I started core contributing to the amazing community of Gatsby.js. After building my course site and a couple of client site migrations — I’ve become a big fan of Gatsby.js. It’s going places. Very soon!


📖 Styled-Responsive-Media-Queries styled-rmq#

Released Styled-Responsive-Media-Queries styled-rmq which makes it super easy use Styled-Components for building a responsive web design. It’s a web-first Media Queries model that prefers px over em for the sake of consistent media-queries. I’ve done some research and that’s what I prefer.

Styled Responsive Media Queries Styled Rmq

This project also follows the (DRY) Don’t Repeat Yourself principle with standard screen sizes from Chrome DevTools. But you can use any custom size as well. One of the production sites using this project is my course site, the VSCode Power User Course. So, feel free to check it out.

Peace! ✌️

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