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Fix Invalid Caption File on Vimeo

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After building the VSCode.pro course, I wanted to make it more accessible by adding Closed Captions to the videos. I use Vimeo to host videos and they provide an interface for adding subtitles/captions.

My apprentice and I wrote the closed captions ourselves and everything went well. Except for two videos where I would get an error when I uploaded the subtitles/captions file.

I searched a lot and even rewrote the captions but couldn’t find a fix until just now. So, sharing that fix in this post in the hope of making someone else’s life easier.

Invalid Caption File Error#

When I uploaded these .srtΒ Closed Captions files, I got an error that read like Invalid Caption File.Β What the heck is that, I thought? No more info, just tht the caption file is invalid.

⚑ After searching around I figured that maybe it’s the <Β and >Β characters β€” since the videos were about HTML code and I had <span>Β and <p>Β in my captions.

πŸ€” So, I went ahead and encoded the entire contents of these captions files. You can use a site like this, paste the contents of your .srtΒ file inside the Decoded block and copy the generated contents in the Encoded block back into the file. Maybe just replace --&#x3E;Β back to -->.

Now when you upload the captions to Vimeo β€” they just work!

Peace! ✌️


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