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Screencasting Tip: Auto Hide Cursor on macOS

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When recording a screencast (video tutorial) I like to hide my cursor. It’s distracting to see a cursor hanging around for no reason. Leads to a bad user experience, many times you think of it as your own cursor and try to move it away while watching a video — only to realize it’s not yours, and you’re stuck with it.

Trick Escape#

A little known trick to hide your cursor on macOS is to press the esc (escape) key. It generally works in many apps, but sometimes it does not. Though you can get by without installing anything.

Tip with an App#

When I am recording, I only want to focus on what I’m teaching. I love to teach, you can check out my How to build a Node CLI and VSCode Power User courses. So, instead of using the esc key trick, I use an app.

Cursorcerer is an app that allows you to hide your cursor with a global hotkey. It can also autohide an idle cursor and bring it back as soon as you move the mouse.

That’s what I like. After 3 seconds of inactivity, my cursor is gone until I move it again. So handy! You can take a look at how I set this app below.


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  • Furqan Anwar
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    Furqan Anwar Furqan Anwar

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    What about windows ? Any preferred software?.

  • Awais
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    Awais Awais

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    Unfortunately, not a windows user.