Confused about your career path? Read this!

Hey there, YOU ARE WRONG!!! (Yes! this is a strongly opinionated article, my opinion, which might not get me featured at Smashing Magazine, but it’s totally worth your time).

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Screencast #1 Reviewing Long Form Storybuild from Press75

Press75 recently introduced an amazing free plugin called Long Form Storybuilder. I was planning to start screencasting at this blog and today I thought I can catch two birds in the bush.

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Do WordPress End Users really need Page Builders?

Have you ever seen a common WordPress end user taking part in conversations over stack exchange where developers ask development related questions? Or have you ever seen a layman who cannot design, who doesn’t know a thing about aesthetics, sharing shots at Dribbble? I am pretty sure your answer is NO! 
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How WP community’s feedback helped

Before I go ahead and explain what’s what and what happened, I’d like to share how I used to work and how I keep optimizing my workflow. So, here is it. I was one of those designers/developers who spend a 30% of their time actually building stuff while spending the remaining in research to follow the best possible path. Even when I wrote, I wrote with the belief that the easy, conversational tone of good writing comes only on the eighth rewrite. That part of my life was being perfectionist.


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Before you add plugins’ compatibility in Premium WordPress Theme

Today when I woke up, and started browsing Facebook, one of my friends in WordPress community Matt Cromwell asked a question which deserved answer in form of a blog post. Or should I say, I started to comment, then built a flow diagram and finally ended up creating the featured image.


A list of requirements for all your Premium Themes when it comes to support 3rd party plugins?

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Installing SVN Subversion on Yosemite after removing the old version

It’s hard to admit but there were days when I used to be scared of those hardcore terminal commands. It was only when I tried and fell in love with the process simplicity attached minimal effort to get a good deal of work done through it. Well, long story short, as you know I am a WordPress Developer, so having to upload WordPress plugins at repository is part of routine. When I updated from Mavericks to Yosemite OS in my Macbook Pro, I started getting strange errors. It was like some connectivity issue with older version of SVN and Yosemite. I had SVN 1.6.5 and it kept giving me the following error.

Segmentation Fault : 11

It happened when I tried to checkout any of my WordPress plugins repository to my local machine. Spending quite a good deal of time, or should I say a day and half, after installing several version I found a way to debug it. Today I intend to share it with you.

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How I am using Particles.js to build an Impressive Hero Unit

Hey guys, it’s been a while since I wrote here. I’ve been very busy with a premium WordPress Framework which I am building from ground up for about last 10 months. I got distracted multiple times during this period of time but and once I thought to just discontinue it, but that’s the story for another day.
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Hands on review of Nokia Lumia 1320

Nokia sent me one of their lower end smartphone devices named as Nokia Lumia 1320 for a hands-on review. I personally used it for about a month before writing this review. Let’s start with the specs.

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Learn how to Configure W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin

I have had been writing a series for beginners about configuring W3 Total Cache WordPress plugin to speed up WordPress based sites.

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Coding a Basic Shortcodes WordPress Plugin Boilerplate


Shortcode API in WordPress is really cool. I already wrote about coding your very first shortcode in WordPress. Today’s discussion is about using your WordPress knowledge in the best possible way. Today I’ll be creating the same three shortcodes we created in the earlier article, but this time we will be coding them through a WordPress plugin.

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