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How to Get Free Support for WordPress Questions?

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I have had been working with WordPress for over eight years now. I learnt WordPress on my own, did I mention, I have a degree in electrical engineering from a top notch university in my country?

When I started working with WordPress, it helped me build amazing sites, from basic blogs to advance and complex privacy based user interaction CMS sites, I even built two of my Android apps over WordPress (ever heard of Apppresser?)

When I was a beginner, one thing always haunted me. It was not knowing what will happen if I got stuck somewhere in the middle of a project. What would I do, I had no mentor, who could I just contact and tell my problem. I almost always found ways to find support for my WordPress queries. After all these years of experience, I believe that one of the best features of WordPress is the Community.

Yes! WordPress enthusiasts are great people. What makes me say that? Let me tell you that I have spent days looking for answers relevant to Joomla, Drupal and some other scripts that I had been using for my clients, which ended up with no answers at all. When I started with WordPress, I spent very less time finding answers much more complex and I almost always got ’em and to top it, I got ’em for free. This is what I intend to discuss in this post.

WordPress Neighbourhood Watch#

Strange? This is what I call the WordPress Community of developers and designers, WordPress Neighbourhood Watch, always looking out for each others, ready to help, ready to give back to theΒ community. This is what sets WordPressers apart from other communities.

There are a lot of people in WordPress community who contribute their knowledge, their skills and time to help others. They do it for free. It’s like a bad omenΒ if you are a WordPress developer and not helping others. Are you a beginner? Would you like to get free support for your WordPress questions? Let me tell you how you can get it.

WordPress Forums#


WordPress has support forums, where people ask questions and get answers by WordPress enthusiasts. Sadly aΒ number of questions are not answered here, but hey! it’s free support. Try posting your queries and you may get a response at these forums.


WordPress Development Stack Exchange#


If you are like me, then most probably your questions will be quite advanced, complex and challenging ones. WordPress StackExhcange is the best place to ask such questions. All you have to do is explain what you are doing, what kind of custom code/theme/plugin you are dealing with and how did you end up having a particular problem.

WordPress developers accept most of the questions as challenges and solve them for free. If you take the tour you’ll find out that asking questions at WordPress StackExchange is fun, a bit challenging and it helps a lot in increasing your knowledge.

Is That All?#

No, it ain’t all. There are other methods, like Advanced WordPress, WordPressians and other Facebook groups. In-fact, I didn’t discuss a lot of important information here, because it already exists elsewhere. So, try reading the articles I am linking below, to get a complete hold onΒ this idea.

In the end remember to pay respect if not money, when you ask for free support. No one is obliged to support or answer your queries for free. Be nice or go away. God helps those who help themselves.

P.S. If you’d like paid support, you can contact me. Otherwise, I only help for free at the above-discussed links.

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