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How I Found a Perfect Domain Name for a New Brand

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Attached with the technology we often find ourselves confused over making some very simple decisions. Or should I call them hard decisions? You like stories, I like stories, hell everyone like stories, so let’s start with a story of my own. I have bought over 500 domains throughout my life.

The first domain I ever bought was Freakify.com, it’s a design blog which with other 30 blogs got acquired by a US Design press last year. Registering domain was the easy part believe me. As a beginner, who was going to buy a domain for the first time, I thought it would be complex but what I found complex was the part where I had to research the name.

Later I found out that it wasn’t me alone. It happens to almost 80% to 90% of people who tend to buy a nice domain name. In my case, I spent 33 days until I hit upon this particular name. 33 days is a long time for one to decide a simple domain name. One of these days while I was buying more domains, I thought I should think of ways to optimize this process.

And there it was, the optimized workflow to find a perfect domain name for a new brand, right in front of me, after I had bought more than 50 domains. Two months ago, I was delivering this lecture over Freelancing or Startup, and a particular group of tech enthusiasts, approached me to find out my opinion on, how to find the perfect domain name for their startup. What I explained to them is very much the topic of this post today.

Selecting a Perfect Domain Name#


Selecting the best domain name for your blog or startup is quite a task. Let’s talk about selecting the best possible Domain Name through some tools which can very much automate the research process. Starting with the very basics.


What Is a Domain Name And TLD?#

Domain name is the name of your site/brand/startup through which anyone can access your site globally. Just like Google has Google.com and Fb has Facebook.com.

When you buy hosting to host your WordPress or any website as we discussed yesterday, you only get the space which holds your website files, but for anyone to open your website, you need to buy a domain name. You can try different registrars like Godaddy, Dynadot, NameCheap to register a domain name for yourself.

TLD means Top Level Domain. E.g. .com, .net, .org are termed as most used TLDs.

Select the Best Possible Domain Name#

Let’s discuss some tips for selecting a nice, picky & creative domain name. Many beginners are not aware of how important a domain name can be. Keywords, branding, length, which TLD? These are the issues that need discussion. So, let’s get the discussion started.

Which TLD to Choose?#

If you are planning to buy a domain name for some organization go for .org for sure. Working on some information related project then  .info will be the best option. The .com domain, on the other hand, has some special importance.

Advice : Go for .com, it works in most of the cases & it ranks very well in the search engine.

Keywords & Branding in Domain Names#

Keywords are very important when you think of hitting a particular Niche. A nice keyword with moderate competition might get you a tremendous amount of traffic. E.g. if you register a domain downloadgooglechrome.com then it will surely start ranking very well for such a common set of keywords if pursued in the right way.

My guess is one can get up to 500,000+ unique traffic in a month for such a domain name once it starts ranking. So, it seems pretty nice Yay Nay? But the issue is finding such domains is not easy. All such simple keywords are not available and are already registered. With SEO(Search Engine Optimization) perspective such domains can always rank better if one uses them in the right manner and not to spam.

Branding is very important think about Yahoo & Google do they look like keywords No. These are brand names, branding is an important aspect of a startup. There is always a vacancy at the top. Why not be that much creative to engage your visitors? Being creative is a hard thing, it takes a lot of time, but uniqueness pays very well.

Advice: Either go for a good brandish name or register yourself a domain with some perfect keywords in it, which can help your business grow.

What About the Hyphenated Domains?#

Domain’s look and feel are sometimes very much important. Suppose you select a niche with a keyword in your domain. You are unable to find exactly matched domain so you think to go for the keyword with hyphen included in it. This is a good option. Hyphens have no bad impact on your domain name.

These hyphens may even save you a lot of troubles. E.g if you buy a domain pressshop.com it becomes quite confusing, whereas press-shop.com seems better. Same is the case with kidsexchange.com i.e. kids-exchange.com (Pun intended).

Domain Registrars:#

There are a lot of domain registrars selling their services and claiming to be the best. Choose a trustworthy domain registrar! A lot of fake domain registrars deceive people when their domains start performing well. If you have already bought your domain, you can still transfer it to the trusted domain registrars listed below:

Tools for Finding Creative Domains#

Finding a picky brand name is real hard. It can take months if you don’t automate your approach with these tools. Throughout these years, I have had been using them to help me find the perfect domain. Give them a try.



Use domize to save yourself from wasting time over the domain names which are already registered. Domize is a creative AJAX powered domain search tool, you just have to type the name of the domain you want and it tells you if it is available to be bought or not. If the extension is in blue color then the domain is supposed to be available otherwise it must be already registered.



Finding short & creative domain names had never been easier. Domai.nr is a tool that helps you in finding a creative but shortest possible domain name around the targetted word. Some of the known creative domain names are adf.ly, goo.gl, del.icio.us etc. So, if you plan to get something like this done for you just enter your keyword and Domai.nr will do the job for you.



Enter your keyword and mix it with nice suffix or prefix automatically. It will also tell you which of the suggested domains are available to be bought.


It is another tool that mixes keywords with a lot of other words from its database and outputs the set of domains available.


This service helps you to find short domain names, you can get a 4 letter domain name and bigger.

[Update  06-01-2015]

This service seems promising. Found three awesome domains from massive collection it provided me with.

Finally the Do’s & Don’Ts#


Some of the quite handy tips are listed below, reading these before buying a domain can be useful.

 the Do’s:#

 the Dont’s:#

  • Don’t buy a very long domain name
  • Don’t use q, z, x, p or w, these are most commonly written wrong
  • Don’t use slang words, you will not be appreciated enough for them
  • Don’t use zero 0 in your domain name, it looks like capital O. It can easily mislead your visitors

Your Turn:#

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  • Junaid Ali
    Posted on

    Junaid Ali Junaid Ali

    Reply Author

    One question after that I still have roaming around in my head after reading this great article, what about the techniques people use when a .com is not available such as adding a keyword at start like “thedomain.com”?

    • AhmadAwais
      Posted on

      AhmadAwais AhmadAwais

      Reply Author

      I don’t like that practice. If you can’t get what you need, be creative. E.g. when Dribble.com was not available, they bought Dribbble.com same is the case with Ballloon.com instead of balloon

  • Laura
    Posted on

    Laura Laura

    Reply Author

    Nice article. Network Solutions (check it).

  • ratnesh
    Posted on

    ratnesh ratnesh

    Reply Author

    Nice Article Ahmad , thanks for your awesome post and the links which you’ve mentioned above are helpful and “domize.com” is the best. Instantdomainsearch.com is also helpful.

    • AhmadAwais
      Posted on

      AhmadAwais AhmadAwais

      Reply Author

      Yup, I used to go along with InstantDomainSearch.com but then I found Domize. Do explore advance settings at Domize.

  • Fahad
    Posted on

    Fahad Fahad

    Reply Author

    Hi dear,
    Two questions.

    1. What’s the better option for a blog with audience in Pakistan.
    1.1. A little lengthy and ordinary looking .com domain with keyword
    1.2. A short, memorable and brandish .pk domain

    2. If I buy an about to expire 5 year old domain from Flippa then how much difference it is going to make.. Is it a good idea to go with? One cannot find the domain name of choice in this way…we just buy the domain age.

    What you say about it?


    • Ahmad Awais
      Posted on

      Ahmad Awais Ahmad Awais

      Reply Author

      Hey Fahad,

      1. .pk is best if you want to target local audience
      1.1 It is fine too
      1.2. Only when you are targeting Pakistani audience should you use (.pk) domain extension. It brings more value to your website in terms of SEO than.com one

      2. I have dealt with expired domains for about 4+ years. I can tell you from first hand experience that there are no hard and fast rules for this scenario, you can find a $10 expired domain with 1000+ daily visitors if you are lucky and you buy a $1000 worth expired domain only to find out that it’s statistics aren’t worth your money.