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WordPress Editor: What Needs To Change!

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Matt said the Editor would be more blocks like and Weston suggested the JS Widgets can be a real contender for this kinda thing. I agree with him on that. I think there are many ways we can tackle the editor upgrade. But even before we jump to any kind of conclusions, it is important to review what are we going to improve. You see, things aren’t as simple as they should be in the case of any other CMS.

The editing experience is a multidisciplinary product. I am going to list down a few things that I think a modern editor could have inside it and we can see what we can really do out of all this to improve the complete writing experience.

โœ๏ธโ€” Content writing: Are we going to load all WordPress admin for just writing an article? We can take inspiration from the Press This here and improve upon that.

๐Ÿšงโ€” Editing & Collaboration: Collaboration is by far the most ignored concept when you review the current WordPress editor. Are we going to do something about it, or is that something core shouldn’t have โ€” not everyone needs it?

๐Ÿ“ฆโ€” Previewing: This is another multifaceted problem. I think the new editor can improve upon the gap that exists between what you write and what ends up on the post page. A lot of great suggestions on this part, โ€” all I’d want to add is that Customize Posts is a good project; maybe we can take another hard look at it.

โ˜ โ€” Revisioning: Revisioning can be very useful. Improving the editor this year โ€” does that entails improving upon the complete editing/writing experience or are we just going to develop a particular set of points that are deemed to be more important? IMHO, This is one of the gray areas for the core. A lot can be done to improve upon current workflow of revisions. A lot of WP users are pretty much unaware of how it works. The least I can say is more communication and education about `Revisions` would eventually build a strong user base here. Just a thought.

๐Ÿšงโ€” Markdown Support, eh?: Thinking out loud here. Should we?

All of that said, I am pretty excited about this new direction like almost everyone else. I think that we are going to end 2017 with a better WordPress, which will be more user-centric than ever.

Looking forward to contributing as much as I can :)

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