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πŸŽ– Became a Moderator at StackOverflow!

Ahmad AwaisAhmad Awais

Yes, you read it right. My new role at StackOverflow is Human Exception Handler.

I just became a moderator at StackOverflow β€” a site that almost every developer loves to use and receive a great amount of help from.


While I am a member of StackOverflow network forΒ five years, five months, it was only one and a half years ago, I thought about getting serious to give back at least 10% of what I take from this awesome resource.Β And it’s moderator by privilege not by the popular vote. Hope to be that someday soon.

The Story

So, what started as an experiment, quickly escalated into something interesting. Now, almost every time I find a solution to something weird like:

I end up contributing an easyΒ to follow answer.

Gladly, sometimes it helps fellow developers and I get the sense ofΒ giving back, however small it may seem.

Some Statistics

Ahmad Awais StackOverflow profile top 2% this year

If you’re like me thenΒ you looooveΒ data. I’ve some data, some fun statistics about my StackOverflow profile.

  • Top 2% this year.
  • 2,040 reputation.
  • 1,300,000 people have read my solutions to their problems.

I published this post to hold myself accountable and to make a point that you should start helping people. Helping people is fun! It’s a rewarding thing to do, in its own way!



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