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πŸŽ– Became a Moderator at StackOverflow!

Ahmad AwaisAhmad Awais

Yes, you read it right. My new role at StackOverflow is Human Exception Handler.

I just became a moderator at StackOverflow β€” a site that almost every developer loves to use and receive a great amount of help from.


While I am a member of StackOverflow network forΒ five years, five months, it was only one and a half years ago, I thought about getting serious to give back at least 10% of what I take from this awesome resource.Β And it’s moderator by privilege not by the popular vote. Hope to be that someday soon.

The Story#

So, what started as an experiment, quickly escalated into something interesting. Now, almost every time I find a solution to something weird like:

I end up contributing an easyΒ to follow answer.

Gladly, sometimes it helps fellow developers and I get the sense ofΒ giving back, however small it may seem.

Some Statistics#

Ahmad Awais StackOverflow profile top 2% this year

If you’re like me thenΒ you looooveΒ data. I’ve some data, some fun statistics about my StackOverflow profile.

  • Top 2% this year.
  • 2,040 reputation.
  • 1,300,000 people have read my solutions to their problems.

I published this post to hold myself accountable and to make a point that you should start helping people. Helping people is fun! It’s a rewarding thing to do, in its own way!


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