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Installing SVN Subversion on Yosemite after removing the old version

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It’s hard to admit but there were days when I used to be scared of those hardcore terminal commands. It was only when I tried and fell in love with the process simplicity attachedΒ minimal effort to get a good deal of work done through it. Well, long story short, as you know I am a WordPress Developer, so having to upload WordPress plugins at WordPress.org repository is part of routine. When I updated from Mavericks to Yosemite OS in my Macbook Pro, I started getting strange errors. It was like some connectivity issue with older version of SVN and Yosemite. I had SVN 1.6.5 and it kept giving me the following error.

Segmentation Fault : 11

It happened when I tried to checkout any of my WordPress plugins repository to my local machine. Spending quite a good deal of time, or should I say a day and half, after installing several version I found a way to debug it. Today I intend to share it with you.

What you need?#

Here is the stuff you need

Step #1: Check the path of your previously installed SVN#

Open the terminal app in your mac and write the following command and press enter

which svn

Step #2:Β Uninstall the SVN#

The step #1 response I got wasΒ /usr/local/bin/svn which is the path where my present version of SVN was installed. All I needed to do was remove it. You should do it through this command

sudo rm /usr/bin/svn

Step #3:Β Install Homebrew#

If you have Homebrew installed then leave this step otherwise just follow the description at Homebrew (http://brew.sh/Β ) to install it.

Step #4:Β Install new version of SVN#

Then all you have to do is install the latest version of SVN through Homebrew

brew install svn

Due to some old references I had to link SVN again. You can do it through the following piece of code.

brew link --overwrite subversion

Volla! You’ve got the latest version of SVN installed which works perfectly with Yosemite.

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 5.03.19 pm

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