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This Part of My Life Is Called … WordPress

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This is a story about how I fell in love with WordPress (and web) even after being misguided towards the career-path of Electrical Engineering and that of a jack of all trades, but WordPress community was where I found my true self.

β–ΆΒ HeroPress#

Before I start writing this essay, I’d like to talk a little about HeroPress.

You see, I have been involved with this initiative for more than a year now. It was 23rd, January 2015 when I first posted about its Kickstarter campaign in the Advanced WordPress Facebook group. A few days later Matt Cromwell wrote a piece about Values and Pitfalls of HeroPress where we ended up with 200+ comments and a discussion about the name, i.e., HeroPress.

I won’t bore you with more details, but you can read about my views in the following screenshot.


πŸ™ˆΒ My Confession#

Anywho, here we are β€” after a year β€” with 45+ fantastic HeroPress essays published. Topher has done a brilliant job of managing HeroPress. And he has been persistent in asking me to write an essay here.

But to be honest, I have had been trying to avoid it since I AM NO HERO.

I am just a regular full stack WordPress developer who loves to write, talk, build and share open source WordPress products.

I guess most of you don’t know that I am 24 years old β€” so, I don’t have that 30-years of experience or anything to share, but β€” I pride myself on being naturally keen and incessantly curious. You can always see me talking about the bleeding edge software and WP. I take a holistic approach towards software development and consider it a way of life. I crave leadership and envision collaboration over competition.

So, I am going to write my story β€” as I think of it β€” in the form of parts which represent different stages of my life. Before any of that, let me prefix the content of this post by confessing one more thing. I am not good at writing about myself. Maybe it’s the imposter syndrome. But thanks to Chris Lema, I’m changing!

πŸ”₯Β My Life As An Open Source Developer#

I talked about following parts of my life…


P.S. If you are struggling with a similar situation, where you want to adopt software development as a career, then don’t hesitate to contact me or reach out at Twitter (@mrahmadawais). I’ll aim to help everyone I can.

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