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How to Use BitBucket and GitHub at the Same Time for One Project?

Ahmad AwaisAhmad Awais

I had a repository for which I needed the remote to be hosted both at BitBucket and GitHub. So, I figured out a few easy solutions to deal with it.

A few EASY solutions.

⚡️ Method #1: Multiple Remotes Pushed (And Fetched) Independently

This is the easiest to get your head around, but the most effort to maintain.

We start out by adding our new remote:

$ cd myproject
$ git remote add bitbucket ssh://[email protected]/user/myproject.git
$ git push bitbucket master

Straight forward no? Except of course every time we commit any changes, we need to push to both our original “origin” and our new remote “bitbucket”:

$ git push origin master
$ git push bitbucket master

Not a massive overhead, but I’m sure it will grate over time. Or you can create an alias alias gpob="git push origin master && git push bitbucket master". That goes in your bash or zsh profile.

⚡️ Method #2: Single Remote With Multiple URLs Pushed (And Fetched) Consecutively

With this method, we are going to add an additional URL to our existing remote “origin”:

$ cd myproject
$ git remote set-url --add origin ssh://[email protected]/user/myproject.git
$ git push origin master
Everything up-to-date
Everything up-to-date
Much less effort!

Of course silver lining has a cloud, and in this case, it is that while we can push to multiple URLs simultaneously, we can only fetch from the original origin (you can change this, but that is out of scope for this post).

Finally, to see which remote will be fetched from:

$ git remote -v show
Happy hacking!


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