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Confused About Your Career Path? Read This!

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Hey there, YOU ARE WRONG!!! (Yes! this is a strongly opinionated article, my opinion, which might not get me featured at Smashing Magazine, but it’s totally worth your time).

Being Human? Are You?#

Stop jerking around and start working over something which really matters. You cannot live your life over ideas you feel passionate about. You need to define a particular goal, then work over a particular skill to achieve that goal, then you need to build products. Build minimum viable products call them side projects. Users’ feedback will guide you towards the improvement of your portfolio. Remind yourself again and again, what is your agenda, what is your goal. I myself get distracted in a week or two, it’s called being human.

Be Precise#

Think of something which can make you realize what’s wrong. Never sacrifice your ethics over success, never earn the way you feel bad about. When something feels wrong, try to find something or someone to reset yourself, be it by calling your mother by talking about it, or anyone else. Make sure, you keep working for one and one single goal.

Years will pass by, things you once felt passionate about will no more make you motivated enough to feed your creative sense, be predictive about such conditions, find solutions or talk to someone who might have been through such conditions in their lives. You gotta try hard, you gotta make it work, you need to make it work. Be that precise about one single goal in your life.

If you think your startup will make you successful, define what success means to you. You’ll be amazed how aimless you were before defining what success meant to you. Is it Money? Is it Building something? Is it having something? What is it?

How Much You Want to Earn in Your Life?#

Do the math, take your case in your hands. Predict the next 60 years of your life. You might be thinking, what did you just say? The next 720 months you plan to live. Think of your expenses. Think what an ideal monthly expense means to you? How much would you want to spend per month without thinking twice? Multiply that number with 720 months (equals to 60 years). The answer to this question will tell you how much you want to earn in your life. You’ll be amazed because it would be pretty low (most certainly if you are an optimist). You’ll feel motivated enough, you will find yourself in a position to achieve it, heck you might even think of beating this target. How about you meet this target in the next 30 years instead of 60.

Motivation, punctuality, thinking, creativity and then success. All of it is possible only when you are focused, 100% invested in a goal, you so desire to follow. This goal could be anything. It could be just to earn money. People will call you crazy, they’ll tag me greedy, but I don’t care, you shouldn’t either, sometimes at the end of the day it is all about money. But you could have any goal and I mean it, ANY GOAL! Is that emphasised enough? Your goal should be specific enough for you to actually make something out of it.

Let’S Put an End to This#

I can go on and talk a lot more. But I think it’s enough free advice for one day. Then again, I need to shift my focus back to what I should be doing. It’s an opinion piece, don’t get confused, just do it. You need to exist before you want to grow. You can only grow if you exist in the market. How about you start today and build something in a single week, or be it a month.

Launch early, get feedback, be your own competition, stay motivated and finally keep adjusting your focus manually.

Have any comments? Rants? What else? Shoot away!

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