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Vercel + Cloudflare Domain Setup (formerly ZEIT)

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I like to host my domains on Cloudflare. It gives me the ability to changes my servers swiftly in addition to the free CDN, SSL, and security benefits. And before I forget, I love the new Analytics offering they have. Much better than client-side solutions.

Setup a Domain with Vercel & Cloudflare#

Vercel (formerly ZEIT) and Cloudflare don’t necessarily go hands and hands on the topic of setting up domains since both of these offer some features that become redundant. Like the CDN, SSL, etc.

So, for future reference, if I forget, writing this post on how to set up the Vercel (formerly ZEIT) and Cloudflare domain using the following steps:


That’s about it. Vercel (formerly ZEIT) will start processing the SSL certificate for you. For this setup, you’ll keep using your nameservers for Cloudflare and don’t even have to worry about setting up ANAME or whatever.

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