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Introducing Facebook Save Button For WordPress

Ahmad AwaisAhmad Awais

I have had been beta testing Facebook’s Save button for quite some time now. This last week at F8 conference they made the API public. So, I went ahead and built a WordPress plugin for it.

Facebook Save Button For WordPress#


This plugin adds a facebook save button to your posts, pages, before/after content and provides you with the [fbs] shortcode to add the button anywhere you want.

What is a Facebook Save Button?

FB Save Button For WP

The save button lets people save items or services to a private list on Facebook, share it with friends, and receive relevant notifications. For example, a person can save an item of clothing, trip, or link that they’re thinking about and go back to that list for future consumption, or get notified when that item or trip has a promotional deal.



FB Save Button Shortcode#

You can use theΒ [fbs]Β shortcode to add FB save button anywhere you want.

This can be used inside the content area where ever the shortcodes work.

Download at WordPress.orgΒ Rate 5 Stars!

UPDATE: Maedah wrote an incredible review about FB Save Button for WP plugin. Check it out here.

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