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My Open-source COVID19 Tracking CLI Tool

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While trying to keep up with COVID19 I built a CLI to avoid all the UIs and bad information out there. Picked a couple of authentic sources (listed at the end) and built a command-line tracker. Open-sourced it and everyone liked it, got trending on #1 in the JavaScript category for days.


Track the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) or the Novel Coronavirus Strain.




# Install globally (recommended).
npm install -g corona-cli

# Or run directly with npx (installs CLI on every run).
npx corona-cli




All Countries

# Display data for all countries.

# Display data for all countries in single color.
corona --xcolor

# Alias: Display data for all countries in single color.
corona -x


Single Country

# Display data for given country.
corona <countryName>

# Display data for given country i.e. China.
corona china

# Display data for given country i.e. USA.
corona usa


US States Data

# Display data for all the US states.
corona states

# Display states data sorted by active cases.
corona states --sort active

# Display states data sorted by Cases today.
corona states -s cases-today


Sort Data

# Sort data by type
corona --sort country
corona --s cases

# All sorting parameters.
corona -s country
corona -s cases
corona -s cases-today
corona -s deaths
corona -s deaths-today
corona -s recovered
corona -s active
corona -s critical
corona -s per-million

# Reverse sort data
corona --sort active --reverse
corona -s active -r


Charts: Regular & Logarithmic

# Print a country line chart.
corona usa --chart
corona usa --c

# Print a country line chart with logarithmic data.
corona china --chart --log
corona china -c -g


Limit the output

# Print a limited number of entries to the output.
corona --limit 10
corona -l 10

# Print a bare bones table with no info.
corona --minimal
corona -m

CLI Help

# Display the help data.
corona help
corona --help



❯ Read the changelog here β†’

KEY: πŸ“¦ NEW, πŸ‘Œ IMPROVE, πŸ› FIX, πŸ“– DOC, πŸš€ RELEASE, and βœ… TEST

I use Emoji-log, you should try it and simplify your git commits.


License & Conduct


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