All a beginner needs to know about WordPress

Today, I intend to discuss what is WordPress, to express my thoughts and to help out an absolute beginner in understanding this amazing piece of technology. WordPress is a blogging platform. “Umm, OK, so what’s blogging?” …erm let’s just say, a blog is a kind of site which is based upon a certain topic and is meant to be updated again and again. Like your rough register, which you use to take notes for a particular subject. Now some of the students have different registers for every other subject, while others prefer to take notes of potentially similar subjects in one single register. Let’s say there is a register of English language. Whenever you go attend an English lesson, you tend to note it in your register. Where as each and every lesson is present on a different page, with a different date and title.

“Enough with the register” … that’s about it. A blog about English will be a website where each and every lesson will be posted in form of a new post (like page of the register) which will have different title and date. That said, let me come again, WordPress is a blogging platform. It allows you to write about some topic, or multiple topics in form of posts/pages.

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The Beginner’s Guide to WordPress SEO by Yoast

I wrote a series of tutorials over WordPress SEO by Yoast at Tutsplus being a Core Author. In these tutorials I covered an extensive beginner friendly explanation towards true power of WP SEO by Yoast. Give ‘em a try.

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How I re-designed A 360 Re-Branding Project

Like many other tech-junkies in Pakistan, has been a permanent fixture in my RSS feeds for a number of years. I’ve watched them grow from a fairly lowbrow tech blog into a thorough, to the point, truly valuable online telcos resource. Part of that has been seen partly from ‘the inside’, as my team is contributing content here for sometime now, and I’m happy to say that my involvement now runs even deeper: I designed & developed the fourth version of ProPakistani.

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I told my story! Internet Marketing VS Development & Design

Being busy with stuff, I hardly get time to blog here. So, today I thought why not to share with all of you a question/answer session between a youngster and me myself. There is this friend in my Facebook’s friends’ list he asked a question about choosing between Internet Marketing VS Development & Design and I responded with my own story in a short form (yes, there is a lot more to it).

The Question

Usama is a young technology enthusiast and entrepreneur who is trying to decide which road will lead him to the best future. His question

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Web Development & Design Training Culture in Pakistan

Hey! everyone. Today, when I woke up I had this thought in my mind of getting over with what I had wanted to say for quite long. It is about the culture of Web development/design trainings in Pakistan. Once in a while we all get to know about some college or university or may be an individual who is offering Web development/design trainings in Pakistan. There is a catch behind all these trainings, which I eagerly want to address right now. Let me admit, when it comes to IT majority of Pakistanis are quite innocent.


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I have to say this

Hey everyone. It’s Ahmad Awais, a little too awkward to tell you that, on a blog which is already named against me. OK erm… first post, let’s just get over with it, shall we? I find it hard enough to write a lot about myself, but as ironic as it may sound, I have written a whole lot here, you know, just in case if a stranger stumbles upon my blog. I basically am a UI(User Interface)/UX(User Experience) modeller. I have earned this skill-set by experience of 10 years in development & about 6 and half in design.

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