How I am using Particles.js to build an Impressive Hero Unit

Hey guys, it’s been a while since I wrote here. I’ve been very busy with a premium WordPress Framework which I am building from ground up for about last 10 months. I got distracted multiple times during this period of time but and once I thought to just discontinue it, but that’s the story for another day.
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Hands on review of Nokia Lumia 1320

Nokia sent me one of their lower end smartphone devices named as Nokia Lumia 1320 for a hands-on review. I personally used it for about a month before writing this review. Let’s start with the specs.

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Learn how to Configure W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin

I have had been writing a series for beginners about configuring W3 Total Cache WordPress plugin to speed up WordPress based sites.

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Coding a Basic Shortcodes WordPress Plugin Boilerplate

Shortcode API in WordPress is really cool. I already wrote about coding your very first shortcode in WordPress. Today’s discussion is about using your WordPress knowledge in the best possible way. Today I’ll be creating the same three shortcodes we created in the earlier article, but this time we will be coding them through a WordPress plugin.

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Code your first Shortcode in WordPress

Shortcode API in WordPress is fun. It helps you create small tags to address a chunk of code. All you do is write some [tag] and it returns the HTML/CSS/PHP code which you have saved inside it. Shortcodes can be used both in the Visual & the Text tab of your post/page editor. Let’s build a basic shortcode. Building shortcodes is fun. A beginner can easily code a shortcode in under one minute. Shortcodes are based upon a philosophy called DRY i.e. Don’t Repeat Yourself. E.g. I link about me page in my blog posts a lot. Same is the case with contact page link. Instead of writing these links each and every time, I have created shortcodes to help me optimize my workflow.

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How to create a Front-end Login Page in WordPress

WordPress as we know it, is not just a blogging tool, it is a CMS (Content Management System). Most of the freelancers out there use WordPress to build custom sites to entertain requirement friendly behavior. Even a basic CMS based project in WordPress demands for a custom login page in WordPress. Today I intend to discuss how one can create a custom login page in WordPress.

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How to get free support for WordPress Questions?

I have had been working with WordPress for over eight years now. I learnt WordPress on my own, did I mention, I have a degree in electrical engineering from a top notch university in my country? When I started working with WordPress, it helped me build amazing sites, from basic blogs to advance and complex privacy based user interaction CMS sites, I even built two of my Android apps over WordPress (ever heard of Apppresser?)

When I was a beginner, one thing always haunted me. It was not knowing what will happen if I got stuck somewhere in the middle of a project. What would I do, I had no mentor, whom I could just contact and tell my problem. I always found ways to find support for my WordPress queries. After all these years of experience, I believe that one of the best features of WordPress is the Community.

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How I find a perfect domain name for a new brand

Attached with technology we often find ourselves confused over making some very simple decisions. Or should I call them hard decisions? You like stories, I like stories, hell everyone like stories, so let’s start with a story of my own. I have bought over 500+ domains throughout my life. The first domain I ever bought was, it’s a design blog which with other 30 blogs got acquired by a US Design press last year. Registering domain was the easy part believe me. As a beginner, who was going to buy a domain for the first time, I thought it would be complex but what I found complex was the part where I had to research the name. Later I found out that it wasn’t me alone. It happens to almost 80% to 90% of people who tend to buy a nice domain name. In my case I spent 33 days until I hit upon this particular name. 33 days is a long time for one to decide a simple domain name. One of these days while I was buying more domains, I thought I should think of ways to optimize this process.

And there it was, the optimized workflow to find a perfect domain name for a new brand, right in front of me, after I had bought more than 50 domains. Two months ago, I was delivering this lecture over Freelancing or Startup, and a particular group of tech enthusiasts, approached me to find out my opinion on, how to find the perfect domain name for their startup. What I explained to them is very much the topic of this post today.

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All a beginner needs to know about WordPress

Today, I intend to discuss what is WordPress, to express my thoughts and to help out an absolute beginner in understanding this amazing piece of technology. WordPress is a blogging platform. “Umm, OK, so what’s blogging?” …erm let’s just say, a blog is a kind of site which is based upon a certain topic and is meant to be updated again and again. Like your rough register, which you use to take notes for a particular subject. Now some of the students have different registers for every other subject, while others prefer to take notes of potentially similar subjects in one single register. Let’s say there is a register of English language. Whenever you go attend an English lesson, you tend to note it in your register. Where as each and every lesson is present on a different page, with a different date and title.

“Enough with the register” … that’s about it. A blog about English will be a website where each and every lesson will be posted in form of a new post (like page of the register) which will have different title and date. That said, let me come again, WordPress is a blogging platform. It allows you to write about some topic, or multiple topics in form of posts/pages.

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The Beginner’s Guide to WordPress SEO by Yoast

I wrote a series of tutorials over WordPress SEO by Yoast at Tutsplus being a Core Author. In these tutorials I covered an extensive beginner friendly explanation towards true power of WP SEO by Yoast. Give ‘em a try.

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