I told my story! Internet Marketing VS Development & Design

Being busy with stuff, I hardly get time to blog here. So, today I thought why not to share with all of you a question/answer session between a youngster and me myself. There is this friend in my Facebook’s friends’ list he asked a question about choosing between Internet Marketing VS Development & Design and I responded with my own story in a short form (yes, there is a lot more to it).

The Question

Usama is a young technology enthusiast and entrepreneur who is trying to decide which road will lead him to the best future. His question

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Web Development & Design Training Culture in Pakistan

Hey! everyone. Today, when I woke up I had this thought in my mind of getting over with what I had wanted to say for quite long. It is about the culture of Web development/design trainings in Pakistan. Once in a while we all get to know about some college or university or may be an individual who is offering Web development/design trainings in Pakistan. There is a catch behind all these trainings, which I eagerly want to address right now. Let me admit, when it comes to IT majority of Pakistanis are quite innocent.

Innocent you said? Yes! Let me tell you, what a common CS/CE student thinks about such trainings & courses being conducted. So, here it goes thinking of a student who doesn’t know about the web standards, but is interested in joining an institute to become a web developer/designer some day.

  1. If I learn what is being taught, I’ll be earning in a matter of days (As advertised by the trainers)
  2. This is it, this individual told me that all I need to start an online career in freelancing is his training
  3. Well, I have seen the contents of the course & I have time & money to spend over them so, I am just going to take this course.

You might ask, so what’s wrong in it? If you are an individual who is about to join some training institute you might wanna cross-check some stuff to make sure it is good for you.
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I have to say this

Hey everyone. It’s Ahmad Awais, a little too awkward to tell you that, on a blog which is already named against me. OK erm… first post, let’s just get over with it, shall we? I find it hard enough to write a lot about myself, but as ironic as it may sound, I have written a whole lot here, you know, just in case if a stranger stumbles upon my blog. I basically am a UI(User Interface)/UX(User Experience) modeller. I have earned this skill-set by experience of 10 years in development & about 6 and half in design. Continue reading

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