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Hey everyone. It’s Ahmad Awais, a little too awkward to tell you that, on a blog which is already named against me. OK erm… first post, let’s just get it over with, shall we? I find it hard enough to write a lot about myself, but as ironic as it may sound, I have written a whole lot here, you know, just in case if a stranger stumbles upon my blog. I basically am a Full Stack WordPress Developer and bit of a Front-end fanatic who is in true love with WordPress. I have earned this skill-set by experience of 10 years in development & about 6 and half in design.

Early in childhood, I was ambitious enough to try & learn almost anything I could lay my hands on. This quest made me get through about 20 different programming languages & 11 different design tools. The point I was missing at that time was

To attempt mastery of everything inevitably makes us mediocre in many areas.

Time passed by and I finally got to know what I liked, what was the thing for me. So, in my opinion, until I change it, I was more of a management guy than an Engineer I love WordPress community, the spirit of building GPL licensed products is an adrenaline rush for me. Ooops! Did, I just missed telling y’all I am an Engineer? Let’s give it another shot. Hey, It’s Ahmad Awais – An Electrical Engineer, and no I don’t practice it any more.

So, with time, I decided to start keeping the list of what could be useful to optimize and scale the way I work. There were times when I thought, one should get 48 hours in a day, at-least when the client’s project is due tomorrow. You know the feeling don’t you. There I started working & compiling what I call the Workflow. Leaving it here for now, don’t worry you’ll be reading it a lot about this term here. This workflow has led me to produce cool pieces of code & design all by myself in last 10 years, which in turn has given me a client/user base of about 150,000.

Dude? WTF? 150K!!!

Yeah, that’s right it’s even hard for me to believe in, but truth be told, I have this much clientèle from my Open Source/Freemium & Premium code/design contributions in the niche of Front End development, WordPress & Flat designs. I have built numerous plugins & themes & branded a good deal of companies across the globe.

I’m starting this blog as a repository of what I think is important to me. I ain’t clear about the niche, but it will evolve. There is so much I want to share with people who follow me & those who are followed by me. So, let’s just for a while put an end to this boring story of who knows what and start this blog right here right now. Period.

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